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Multi Year IC Storage



Cool&Dry Cabinet CD-18-6-5

Electronic Components age with time

Electronic components such as integrated circuits, memory chips, transistors, diodes, capacitors, resistors, LEDs, power modules, and many others can be caused to fail due to intermetalic diffusion over time.

Problems such as generalized corrosion, bond pad corrosion, gold embrittlement, black pad syndrome, plated-through-hole and via failures, electrical contact problems, wire bonds, BGAs, delamination, and electromigration, can be eliminated or at least slowed down by using cold dry storage.

The rate at which the various metals diffuse into one another will be dependant at which temperature they are stored at. The intermetalic diffusion rate of semiconductors depends on the following:-

Mechanism of diffusion
Physical properties

Our Cool&Dry storage cabinets lower the storage temperature to 10°C and dry the air in the cabinet to about 1% relative humidity. The combination of ultra low humidity and reduced temperature stops any possible oxidation and slows the intermetalic diffusion appreciably to allow for much longer storage of IC´s
that are no longer in production and need to be stored for many years as spare parts.

The cabinets operate maintenance free using Thermoelectric cooling and desicant drying units. Due to well insulated cabinets the energy consumtion is very low.












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